Sunday, July 5, 2009

Born in the USA!

It was a busy, but great Independence Day. Fireworks, family, friends, and work! Phillip and I worked hard on the deck all weekend. Thanks to Rodney who also helped for a few hours on Saturday. Just wanted to share a few photos taken at Hollis park on Saturday afternoon. I love being at that park. It's so peaceful.

Aunt Darlene makes the best Caramel Cake. She wanted a picture of this one because she says it is the ugliest cake she's ever made. Apparently there was a phone call while cooking the icing. It may have been ugly, but it still tasted good to me!

Kacy and her niece got in a little 'swinging' time.

Cooper enjoyed playing in the rocks with a stick. Wouldn't it be nice if all of us could be entertained with the same simple nature of a 1 year old!

Debbie the 1st is enjoying a little time with the newest addition to the Hollis clan, Devon Perry. Son of Kerri Hollis Perry

Jordan and Allen were enjoying themselves on the 4-wheelers. Jordan is so much like his Daddy when he was young. I kept calling him Little Ken.

Xavier was so cute and so good walking around and watching the bigger kids. And he knows how to get someone to pick him up when he wants. He just asks for a hug. Now who can turn that down!

Kaelyn and Caleb at their favorite place in the park. And of course, Grumpy has to push!

Aunt Beck and Aunt Darlene.

Ely Weakley - Another Little Ken in the making!

The crowd was a bit small this year, but the love, fun, and sharing of stories is still some of the best times we have! Thanks to Judy and her family for hosting the picnic!

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